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‘Collaborative Construction Procurement and Improved Value’, published by Wiley in April 2019, contains a commentary on the adaptation of FAC-1 for use in Italy, plus case studies that explore the use of FAC-1 in Italy.

The Euros 5 million Liscate School project was the first FAC-1 project outside the UK and the first use of an FAC-1 alliance to integrate contributions to BIM by the appointed consultants, main contractor and subcontractors.

The next Italian FAC-1 project will govern a Euros 335 million public private partnership for urban regeneration that will create a new campus for University of Milan.

A public conference was held on Thursday 9th May 2019 Collaborare Nell’Interesse Pubblico at University of Milan, exploring the use of FAC-1 with FIDIC, its use with with BIM and its potential role in delivering improved economic and social value.